"He's one of my best friends in this life and we love just-we're just-we're idiots really. We really are, we don't take ourselves all that seriously. And it's so great to have somebody to play in this life with, and he's one of those people."
-Sierra Boggess


Ladies and gentlemen Sierra Boggess being … Sierra Boggess.


Hadley Fraser’s facial hair: a study. (inspiration)

I’m wondering how do you download videos(Vlogger 24601…) from

It’s 4.21 now in China~Hadley’s Chinese fans are wishing him Happy Birthday on weibo. = =His Chinese name is 哈德利·弗雷泽, but his Chinese name is 肉排 :) up to now~


make me choose: Natasha Romanoff or Maria Hill (for Monz)

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans are playfully pushing and shoving each other on the set of “Captain America:The Winter Soldier” (June 12)

so sweet~


Don’t let me down, Tumblr… I’m relying on you!!

You don’t have to send a card or anything… just a .jpg! It can be you & a homemade card, a digitally made card, ANYthing… just something to say we haven’t forgotten his Birthday!!


don’t make me beg